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Client focused

We listen to what you need

The right languages, the right expertise to bring
you the right result. Our first task is
to understand what you need, so we can
deliver the message your target audience needs
to hear in a style they are accustomed to.

Tell us what you need…

Consistent Service

Your audience is our audience

We get inside your product, service or message so we
can work with your target audience in mind.
Our service is all about dialogue.
We won’t be happy until you
have the result you want.

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Professional attention to detail

The latest technology to ensure professionalism and consistency

Science has provided us with some powerful new
tools that help ensure the very best standard in
everything we do every time we do it.
We match that with personal attention
to detail that adds value
in the eyes of your target audience.

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We have always specialized in translating between Estonian and English, and our growing team of professional translators and editors in these languages continues to improve in terms of expertise and experience.

In addition to excellent Russian translators and editors, we also have good contacts with reliable partners across Europe, so a broad range of other European languages is also available. Send us your text and let us find the right team of professionals to prepare your message.


Why write a text in your mothertongue and then have it translated? Save time and money and have us ghostwrite the English text for you.

Tell us what you want to say and who your target audience is and we will design a text to achieve your goals. When we have finished we will send you the text for reviewing before delivering the final version.

Perhaps you have an innovative new product and need an instruction booklet and brochure in English to help you market it abroad. We can sit down with your specialists and create the necessary texts in English right there in your own offices.


We have one of the best teams of native English speakers in the Baltic region providing professional language editing services in a wide range of subject areas.

Our editors have provided texts for small and medium-sized businesses, multinationals as well as government and non-government organisations. They have also had extensive experience editing academic papers for a number of top peer-reviewed journals.


Having been trained by the best professionals in both Estonia and Western Europe, our interpreters provide a completely professional service.

Whether you are organising a full international conference or simply need to understand the proceedings at a small private meeting, we can find the right interpreter for your needs.



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